Capture your leads. Easy, Fast.

Emperia is a simple app for exhibitors to use at an event to digitally collect sales leads - exclusive to Reed Exhibitions.

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Main Features


Easy to Use

One tap, all done.

Works Offline

No WiFi, no problem.

RealTime Lead Access

Download your leads anytime

Why Emperia


Simple & Light

Emperia is a lightweight app that doesn’t drain your smart device.

Multiple Users

Share logins with your colleague

Qualify Your Lead

Add extra information to each lead after scanning.

Works Offline

No connectivity? All scans are saved on your device to be synced later.

Download Anytime

Download your leads at your convenience - during or after the show.

Four Easy Steps to Success



Download the app on to your device.


Get the Login credentials from Welcome mail sent to Exhibitor Admin or from Event Team.

Scan Onsite

Scan attendee badge to capture their info.


Download all your leads as an easy to use CSV file.



You can use the Emperia Scan app in an “offline mode” i.e. without internet access, to scan barcodes, provided you have successfully logged in on the device at least once. The app will automatically upload them to the server when network connectivity is restored.

When you are offline, the system will notify you with an offline notice, but will still scan without an issue. Some data may not be visible in the lead details until the person is online.

Once you have started scanning, the app will sync your scans to the web portal as soon as it finds internet connectivity. However, if you prefer to stop these automatic syncing of scans you can keep your scans saved to solely your device and only sync them when you want, you can do so by setting your phone in airplane mode or removing any connectivity settings.

iOS: Requires iOS 10.3+ or greater

Android OS: Requires OS 5.1.1 or greater and an auto-focus camera

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